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Military Operation Training

Training Concept for Naval Operators


Naval training for operators is divided into the following main branches:

  • Seamanship, including Weapon Operation

  • Navigation, Radar and Communications

  • Weapon Control (Above Water and Under Water Warfare).


In addition, the naval aspects of

  • Mine Warfare and

  • Electronic Warfare


are covered by special operator training programs.

Although these branches cover all operational needs of a modern navy, national differences and priorities may require customer-tailored solutions. Therefore the arrangement or combination of branches shall be discussed between officers of the customer's navy and the advisory team of ITS to exactly meet the customer's requirements.



Electronic Warfare (EW) Training


The ITS staff includes experts with long-term experience in developing training concepts and solutions in the field of Electronic Warfare.

It is ITS's policy not to implement an off-the-shelf concept but to develop a customised EW training solution. The concept will be based on a profound EW status analysis, evaluation and detailed discussions with specialists from the relevant Armed Forces. This analysis includes already existing facilities and the available personnel.

Further points of consideration are the budgetary situation, the already existing EW organization and a possible short-term requirement of special personnel in the field of EW.

This might result in a training concept which may either be developed step by step, starting with one of the Armed Force services, and may eventually lead to a Joint (All Forces) EW School, or the immediate realisation of a 'Joint Electronic Warfare School'.

Basic Logistics


The capsule-course Basic Logistics consists of all vital elements for a quick-win logistics training. After an introduction with general information about logistics, this course deals with

  • Inventory and material management,

  • Warehousing,

  • Transport management,

  • Information & control as well as

  • Packaging & utilization.

In all subjects, the most important parts will be discussed in great detail and are confirmed by practical exercises.


Military Short Course – Leadership and Management


This course develops the students leadership and individual skills to have a more efficient and successful leader. Modern methods will be explained and practiced by the students. It provides junior officers with the knowledge to be a squadron leader. The course aims to train leadership intelligence (to use the right leadership style in the present situation), emotional intelligence (social competence, empathy and opponent handling) and charisma (rhetorical skills and self-confidence). The development of presentation skills will round up the course. All presentations will be video recorded and discussed with the trainees.

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