Military Technical Training

ITS promotes a modular concept of technical training which can be divided into the following distinctive successive stages:

  • Basic Engineering and Technology Training

  • Trade Training

  • Advanced Training


The first training phase 'Basic Engineering and Technology Training' provides a sound technical basis for all orientations.

The training contents of

  • Trade-related Academics

  • Basic engineering training

  • Technology training
    including practice-oriented workshop courses 


will deal with technologies and skills which have to be mastered by all trainees, irrespective of their future trade orientation.


This entry training module for a mechanic or technician career may also be called 'Vocational Training' and does not necessarily have to be in a military environment but might as well serve as a basis for continuation of professional education in civil life.


After the trainees have completed the 'Basic Engineering and Technology Training' part and have preferably gained some on-the-job experience they can continue their training, now on technologies and equipment directly related to their future technical environment, in the respective branch of their relevant profession. The next two stages, Trade Training and Advanced Training may also be called 'Professional Training'.

The final aim of professional training is that graduates will be able to

  • carry out functional and performance checks

  • recognise equipment failures

  • perform preventive maintenance measures according to the Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

  • carry out general fault diagnosis and failure analysis

  • perform corrective maintenance on equipment of their specialised trade.


The trainees start with a review on subjects taught during the previous training. All students will have to pass training on subjects related to their military branch. After that they will be familiarized with the technologies and equipment employed within the different fields of their particular trade.


After successful completion of their trade training the graduates should be employed in technical groups for some years. Those showing good performance and attitude on their jobs may return to the technical school for further qualification and specialisation in Advanced Training courses.


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