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  • Severine Dunker

Start of Industry Mechatronics Training at CITF, Gaborone, Botswana

In February 2020, we were eventually able to start the Industry Mechatronics course at the CITF training centre in Gaborone. After more than 200 people had applied for this course with a duration of 3 years, 12 of them qualified and have now commenced training. The course started off with basic academics and a first familiarisation with the workshop environment, to ensure that all trainees are on a comparable level of knowledge and skills and to facilitate subsequent training contents. Once a sound basis is laid, the training will increase in difficulty and intensity, leading to complex control engineering, computerized numeral controls (CNC) and the programming and implementation of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Over the whole duration of the course, assistant instructors are trained to take over after the first conduct.


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