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Our Vision & Mission

The unique characteristic of ITS is described best with our slogan We Help To Help Yourself


Instead of selling standardised off-the-shelf training courses, ITS provides individual solutions with the aim to transfer know-how to enable customers run their training establishments successfully and independently within a short time frame. For this, ITS has developed a holistic approach, handing over the responsibilities step-by-step with the respective knowledge and skills.


International Development Policies have put a major focus upon education and training, such as the Millennium Development Goals define education as a basic human right. The acquisition of skills allows the trainees to move out of poverty by achieving better working positions, forming a middle class and thus driving a country development. Local governments often put a strong emphasis upon education. And for good reason: A sound foundation of a   skilled labour force is fundamental to the industrial development of an economy. A skilled labour market furthermore attracts foreign investors, giving such an economy a competitive advantage. Therefore, a strong indicator for a country's development is the growth of its middle class. 


We strongly believe that every customer has a unique set of requirements to achieve these goals. Therefore, ITS does not provide a one-fits-all solution, but products and services customised to the individual needs.


Our vision is to establish vocational training in developing and newly industrialised countries, improving the knowledge and skill set of the people, to enable them to earn their own living and with this eradicate poverty and increase living standards, security and national independence.


Additionally the improvement of the labour skills has the impact of


  • upgrading maintenance standards to increase the lifespan of equipment and machinery and reduce monetary and other resource losses,

  • increasing the amount of skilled labour to attract and serve national and international investors, e.g. for production sites, as well as

  • enabling people to start and develop their own businesses and in turn facilitate industrial growth, as the backbone of every industry, is the strength of small and middle size companies.


Every ITS project starts with a training needs analysis, indicating the requirements of the customer, so the optimal combination of our modular services can be found. This can range from the selection of single modules up to the establishment of a so called Turn-key Training Centre, combining all modules in one solution.

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