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Outils d'ingénierie

Technical Training Products


ITS Technical Training develops knowledge and skills for the trainee to exercise a profession as mechanic, mechatronics technician, electrician or electronic technician with different specialisations.

The Technical Trainings are all based on the same foundation, with a thorough education in theory combined with the transfer of practical skills. A core in the ITS concept is the technical training of all students in mechanic as well as electrics and electronics basics, for the trainees to understand the technical relations between the three fields and additionally give them an insight before they choose their specialisation.

The high level of practical and theoretical instruction qualifies graduates to solve complex problems concerning cars and farming vehicles, electric & electronic equipment. At the end of a two to three years training, the students have learned one of the following job descriptions:

  • Mechanic Farming Vehicles & Machines, Automobile Mechanics, Panel Beating & Spray Painting, Plumbing & Pipe fitting, or Machine Fitter & Metal Worker,

  • Electric/Electronic Technician for Electronics & Computers, Power Generation, and Electrics, Household Electrics, Cooling Systems,

  • Mechatronics Training Technician for Automobile, Cooling Systems, and Industry Mechatronics.

The highly demanding Mechatronics Training combines knowledge in electric, electronic and mechanic, as modern cars, industrial devices and cooling systems need complex control engineering requiring theoretical and practical know-how in every of the three technical fields.


The Mechatronics Courses last for 24 months after attending the Basic Vocational Training of one year, and are conducted in special workshops including state-of-the-art computerised equipment, tools and machinery.

All the ITS trainings are conducted according to the German standard, including theoretical and practical skills transfer and under supervision of German experts. High emphasis is put especially on the practical training that trainees receive in state-of-the-art workshops with modern equipment to refine their skills.

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