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Mann bei der Arbeit


ITS Services are arranged as training modules, which can be ordered separately or combined in an integral solution, a so-called Turn-key Training Centre.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


At the beginning of a project, it is necessary to fully understand the initial situation. Does existing vocational training need to be developed further, or does the customer want to build up a training centre from scratch? What are the conditions?  To answer these questions, ITS will conduct a training needs analysis. Training experts in the relevant fields will discuss existing schedules and future plans with the school's managerial, administrative and instructional staff. A site survey and an evaluation of existing installations and supporting equipment will also be conducted.

Training Concepts


Following the Training Needs Analysis, ITS experts design customised concepts and programmes from a range of standard modules in the fields of modern technologies, aviation, naval subjects, and civil engineering such as agrarian technologies. 

Infrastructure Supervision

Normally, infrastructure is provided by the client, however, the planning, development and supervision of the construction work as well as the outfit process can be carried out by ITS. On completion of the construction and fitting of the new training site, ITS can take over the responsibility for all duties regarding the commissioning of the new training establishment.

Training Equipment

After the infrastructural work has been completed, the training equipment can be installed. The definition, development, manufacturing and provision of all kinds of equipment for classroom tuition and practical lessons can be conducted by ITS experts, thus catering for the important aspects of manual skills development and the application of technical knowledge gained through classroom instruction (hands-on training).


The training compendium, which includes all courses, subjects and topics to be instructed gives an overview of the training objectives works as basis for the teachware to be used in classroom, workshop and on-line settings. As the market has drastically changed, we adapted our product portfolio accordingly, and we are capable of providing e-learning solutions. The training compendium is related to the German vocational training but takes the customers' basic conditions into consideration. The teachware contains all relevant documents for the instructor, including the description of the topic, teaching notes, pictures to be displayed, worksheets and tests with master solutions.

Instructor Training

During an instructional techniques course, the instructors will be trained in pedagogical and didactic disciplines, which will enable them to prepare and present lessons in the most effective way. Instructors learn about different teaching techniques and when to apply them. They will be trained in handling and applying various training aids and will be familiarised with the teachware provided by ITS for the respective courses. The following Knowledge and Skills Development course is used to familiarise the instructor with the particular subject and the dedicated Workshop/Lab equipment provided. Existing knowledge and skills will be developed and gaps bridged in order to provide the instructor with the necessary background knowledge and skills required for successful teaching.


Operational Support 

On request, ITS can take over the complete management of the training project, ensuring a professional initial set-up and smooth hand-over throughout the project's lifespan to the customer. During the phase of operations supports by ITS, all costs related to material supply, maintenance and repairs of the machinery and even the employees salaries can be offered in a carefree package. 

Administrative Support


For customers that wish to organise the administration centrally using professional IT support, ITS offers to implement software for the administration of instructors and students, e.g. the listing of marks, the easy assignment of trainees to classes, the computerised creation of a timetable, etc.



Consultancy is an important part of our services and even available after a project has been handed over and completed. A certain degree of operational support and professional consultancy will be a continuous service, as long as ITS experts and staff take an active part in conducting the programmes at the training site.

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