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  • Severine Dunker

Graduation of the first Automobile Mechatronics Class of the after two years.

After two years with very ambitious students, we are excited to announce that the first Automobile Mechatronics class of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) in Grootfontein is about to graduate on 16th December. We would like to thank NDF for trusting in our abilities, the students of the course for their fruitful teamwork with us and our trainer Mr. Cord Bäsmann, who has been very reliable and motivated throughout the course. Due to the success of this training, our contract with NDF is prolonged for another year.

Among the graduating students, there are now several ‘Master-Trainers ‘, who will be responsible for conducting the course in the future. It is great to see that our Namibian customers share the excitement for the modern technology in the automobile mechatronics area.


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